While it retains the same iconic Surface design, Microsoft is making a lot of hardware specs changes and design tweaks. The new Surface Pro includes Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processor to give the tablet even more power than before, which makes the device 1.7 times faster than the iPad Pro and 2.5 times faster than Surface Pro 3. Another significant change is that Microsoft is making the device fanless for the Intel Core m3 and Core i5 models, making them super quiet devices. Microsoft also claims only 18dB on the Core i7 model. Battery life has also been vastly improved. With Surface Pro, you’ll get 13.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. Unlike the current 9 hours you now get with the Surface Pro 4. The display is virtually the same as the one found in the previous model. You’ll still get a 12.3-inch PixelSense display, but it’s now powered by Intel’s HD Graphics 615 for the Core m3 model, HD Graphics 620 for the Core i5 model, and Iris Plus 640 for the Core i7 model. The iconic hinge has also been redesigned, and now opens to 165 degrees to a new mode that Microsoft calls “Studio Mode”. Using the Surface Pro in this mode makes it a lot easier to work with the Surface Pen and use the Surface Dial. Surface Pro also comes with a new Surface Pen that adds support for 4096 points of pressure sensitivity. The clip has been removed, and it’ll be available in Platinum, Burgundy, and Cobalt Blue, which matches the colors of the new Type Covers. Also, Microsoft made the decision to unbundle the pen with device. You’ll need to buy it separately. This time around, if you’re hoping to find a USB Type-C port, you’re out of luck. The port lineup remains the same as the previous version, but you can use USB Type-C if you get a Surface Dock. Microsoft will even offer a model of the new Surface Pro with LTE connectivity, but you won’t be able to get this model until later in the year.

The new Surface Pro will be available on June 15, and price starts at $799 without the Type Cover, which will run you another $129, or $159 for the Type Cover that uses the Alcantara fabric. The Surface Pen needs to be purchase separately, and it’ll cost an additional $99.

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