Microsoft leverages the new photo sharing experience by making use of various wireless protocols used to connect capable devices in the living room. The Xim app is available for download now for iOS, Android, and even on Windows Phone. Within the app you can create Xims with up to 50 photos stored locally in your phone or from various cloud storage services, like Dropbox and OneDrive, and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Once you shared a new slideshow via mobile phone number or email address, the recipient has up to 60 minutes to view the photos — which you can also control from your phone –. Then the Xim you shared will be deleted automatically and permanently. The video below will help you the get started with Xim:

Although, there are many photo sharing services out there on the internet, Xim from Microsoft seems to build up to be one of the few unique on how it works, simple, and cross platform.

Download Microsoft’s Xim from Windows Phone Store Download Microsoft’s Xim from Google Play Download Microsoft’s Xim from Apple App Store

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