SmartGlass was built around to what the software giant calls “activities”, that includes anything from directory’s commentary to maps that are interactive. Moreover you will be able to view information, such as TV show or movie’s cast and creators, all in real-time while watching a particular episode or that blockbuster film. Microsoft hopes to bring all this additional data from Blu-rays, DVDs, websites, and apps. SmartGlass also expands games functionality. For example, you can use a Windows 8 tablet or a Windows Phone as a secondary controller. The new “platform” as Microsoft refers to, will be available for Windows 8 PCs, Windows Phone along with iOS and Android devices, which is a big plus, because not too many people are yet using a Lumia or other type of Windows Phone. The app will be released sometime before the end of the year, which should be more than enough time to bring more partners and expand functionality and information. In the following video from The Verge, you’ll see a hands-on demo of the platform and functionality up to this moment that covers three areas: Gaming, video, and Internet Explorer 10. And the second video is from Microsoft SmartGlass presentation at E3 (2012) demoing the new company newest piece of technology. 20 minutes worth watching!

Microsoft SmartGlass hands-on

Xbox SmartGlass and Internet Explorer for Xbox – E3 2012

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