As published by Mike Torres (Group Program Manager SkyDrive Apps) and Omar Shahine (Group Program Manager in a new article at Building Windows 8 website, Microsoft is in the works on combining its SkyDrive and Live Mesh services in the next release of SkyDrive. (Live Mesh is the Microsoft’s Dropbox like service.) SkyDrive will go from a web storage service to a true Cloud service that will integrate to Windows 8 with a new Metro style app — touch friendly interface — and with a desktop application, that according to the software maker is only going to take 10 second to install. The benefit that you are going to have are: easy drag-&-drop upload and download, anywhere access to your data, offline access, and the support to manage your SkyDrive files from the Windows Explorer. The ability to “fetch” remote files using is on the works too. Microsoft says that users will be able to upload files as large as 2GB through Windows Explorer, and that the desktop app will automatically sync any changes with SkyDrive.

The SkyDrive app will also be available for use with the Windows 8 chrams, which Metro style app developers are going to be able to take advantage of and add the capability to save data to SkyDrive. Users are also going to be able to access files from PCs that do not have SkyDrive configured, through the use of the feature called Fetch (or internally known as Forgot something?), and it will allow users to fetch or copy files and folders from any PC to the Cloud service. To add an extra layer of protection, the service will use a two-factor authentication, requiring an additional code that can be delivered to a mobile phone or to an email account, before the untrusted PC can access any data. 

Microsoft goal is to make the SkyDrive app available on February 29, together with the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. But desktop sync and remote file fetching will come after on Windows 8. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can also expect SkyDrive desktop when the app is released for Windows 8.

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