The news comes days after the company revealed a new education program to sell Surface RT to schools for as low as $199, and after tablets has been flying off the shelves during the Tech-Ed and Worldwide Partner conferences because of the “appreciation” discounts. Although part of any sale marketing campaign involves cutting prices, Microsoft has recently been suggesting its plan to refresh its line of Surface RT and Surface Pro models. Also the company is working to update the Surface Pro line with a power efficient Haswell processor from Intel, and testing Surface RT tablets with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. Finally, the software giant is soon expected to unveil new Surface accessories, including new battery pack built into a cover keyboard. The new Surface RT prices are as follows:

Surface RT 32GB – $349.99 Surface RT 64GB – $449.99 Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover – $449.99 Surface RT 64GB with Touch Cover – $549.99

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