The Surface Headphones will cost $350, they’ll be available in light gray, and they’ll ship this holiday season in the US only (no specific release date has been announced). In addition to the features that you can expect from premium headphones, the Surface Headphones also include 13 levels of ambient noise cancellation, which you can easily adjust with the dial around the in the ear cup. The headphones come with built-in microphones that enables supports for a hands-free experience using voice commands with Cortana. Additionally, the two beamforming microphones on each ear cup and the additional six microphones array make these headphones perfect for voice and video calls.

They charge through an USB Type-C port, and you can connect the using a standard 3.5mm connector. According to Microsoft, while the Surface Headphones have been designed for Surface users, they can pair to any device using Bluetooth connectivity. The Microsoft Store notes that you’ll be able to preorder the headphones on November 15, 2018, and they’ll ship on November 19.

Surface Headphones | See at Microsoft 

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