In the Series 2, the company is going back to board and re-engineering the wireless controller to offer new adjustable tensions thumbsticks to improve pression. There are redesigned bumpers and shorter hair-trigger locks for faster shooting. You can add even more customization to the paddles and thumbsticks, and the trigger grips have also been updated. This time around, the controller will include a USB Type-C port and Bluetooth connectivity, and a rechargeable battery that should last for 40 hours on a single charge. Though, it’s unclear if you’ll be able to replace it as many gamers may deplete it quickly. While the new Xbox wireless controller share many of the same design characteristics of the traditional controller, it’s a significant update from the previous Elite version. It even includes a new wrap-around rubberized grip, more customization than ever before, and you now have the ability to switch between different profiles.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is expected to be available in November 4, 2019. It’ll cost $179.99, and you can preorder it now at the Microsoft Store.