According to a new report from Neowin, Microsoft is planning to release two new significant updates for Windows in 2016. The first wave of updates will arrive in June and the second wave will land in October of the same year. The updates will focus on improving support for new hardware, mainly for smartphones, Surface Hub, Xbox, HoloLens, Microsoft Band, and various other products that run Microsoft’s operating system. The interesting thing here, is that Microsoft seems to be leaving behind the Halo reference for its projects, as the codename “Redstone” is a reference of an item from the Minecraft game, which the company purchased several months ago. While the company still on track to release Windows 10 later this summer, the new operating system will continue to receive regular updates, which the software giant refers as “Windows as a service”. However, these updates will not modify the core — this will be the job of Redstone. As part of regular updates, Microsoft will continue to update other elements such as Project Spartan, the touch-friendly version of Office, and various Windows apps the company develops, as these apps are part of the Windows Store and the company has promised to update them at a rapid pace. Windows Redstone is not meant to be released as “Windows 11” or “Windows 12”. This is more like a Windows 10.1, which will include new features and significant changes Microsoft won’t be able to release when Windows 10 launches later this year, as all the main features for the operating system have been locked down and the company is now focus on fixing bugs. Microsoft is planning to talk about more details on Windows 10 and various other products during the BUILD conference, which will happen at the end of April, and there is a chance the company will also share more details about Windows Redstone. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.