On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the f8 developer conference in San Francisco to announce the big changes coming on Facebook. There are so many changes, that if you ask anyone about how many they are, no one will be able to give you a straight answer. Here is what’s new on Facebook, but only what you need to know, part 2 — you can also check part 1 here.

  1.  You are getting the new Facebook Timeline In a way is like a scrapbook of everything you do in life, but on the Cloud. Now, this is a feature that is focus on bringing you the best content that you care and enjoy, like news, photos, status, apps that you’ve used in the past, and places you have visited. All of this organized in a new and more meaningful way that you will be able to scroll to the beginning of times, and the further back you go Facebook will compact the data, that way only what is important and interesting will be shown to you — check out the about Timeline page from the company.

Facebook Timeline still in the testing stages, but if you want to get right now, you are going to have to pretend to be a developer, just follow these easy steps — shh… don’t tell anyone (just kidding please share, help me spread the word). 2. Facebook Gestures —  Express yourself using verbs, not just Liking stuff Another big feature that Facebook is adding is verbs. Now, instead of just clicking Like on everything, you will be able to [verb] content. For example, if you are listening to music, eating dinners, or watching a movie, you can now be specific in your Facebook profile. So soon you’ll start seeing the option to tell everyone: you are Eating dinner, or Watching a movie, and so on and so forth. 3. Facebook apps will only ask once for permission This may not sound as important as Facebook Timeline is, but this feature is a little controversial. In the past, apps would ask the user every time they needed to share information that is in your profile. Going forward, apps will be able to share without asking, after the first time it has been authorized to do so. 4.  News Ticker I talked about this in the first part of what’s new on Facebook, but here is the summary. All that is relevant to you to start a conversation in real-time will be in News Ticker (Status updates, important photos, relationship status, etc). Most of the content you’ll see on Ticker are the one you already see on your profile’s wall, but this may change in future.

  1.  You won’t need to leave from Facebook, there you’ll be able to do pretty much anything Read news with friends, listen to music, watch TV Shows or a movie — all within the social network. Facebook has a lined up of partners, so there will be a lot you can do without singing out of your profile. You’ll be able to listen music on Spotify, check news, watch shows from Hulu; Netflix is also adding new social sharing capability, and much more. Here is also when News Ticker will be useful, in there you can now check out what your friends are listening, watching, reading, etc., which will also allows you to interact and improve your sharing experience with all your friends. Games and other different apps are also in the way to be more social. Indeed there are a lot of new changes coming to Facebook, and most of them are happening right now, but not Timeline, that’s… something that is coming later. Be the first and tell us what do you think about the new Facebook changes in the comments.

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