In the past, the European Union has also sued Microsoft for not offering a browser choice on its operating system, which the company added then in Windows 8 and Windows 7 at least in Europe, but we haven’t seen this in Windows 10 yet.

Firefox gets 64-bit support

However, we are here to talk about Mozilla Firefox, which might be just the right alternative for Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Today, the company behind the open-source project has announced that it has finally finished developing the first 64-bit version of its browser for Windows, which until today such a version was only available for Linux — a 64-bit version for Mac may follow soon too. As such, you can now head over to the Mozilla Website to download the new version of the browser. Though, you should be aware of the fact that there is only limited support for plugins, as such you may have to check if all your plugins will work before you uninstall the 32-bit version.

Browse the web well protected

It’s a big news, the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox is now available and you can get it today. The team around Firefox has been working day and night to bring you even more protection while browsing the web. Recently the company partnered with “Disconnect” in order to bring a blocking list to the Tracking Protection settings in its browser that allows you to control which personal data gets exposed to online services.

Although, there was always a basic block list, now you can set a strict blocking list, which will give you more privacy. But, the new privacy setting also brings some loss in case of experiencing the web. If you choose to use a strict blocking list, additional content, such as videos and images, may get blocked as well. This can have a broken or even unusable browsing experience as a result, as such be sure to disable strict blocking list if a website is not displayed correctly. Mozilla Firefox x64 is ready to download for Windows 7 and later versions of the operating system. Do you think Microsoft Edge does have a chance against its rivals Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned.

Download Mozilla Firefox 32-bit and 64-bit

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