How many times you wished to have the ability to copy multiple texts to the Windows’ clipboard and then select which one to paste? Or  when creating a spreadsheet and you have to go back and forth to different documents to copy and paste some information, didn’t you wanted an easier way to deal with this? Or didn’t you ever wished to know what is in your clipboard right at that moment? Multi Clipboard Recorder can give you a hand with all this. This free tool for Windows that records the clipboard data that is generated by other programs. Then from a very user-friendly window you can select and restore them from the history list.


Records Windows’ clipboard data and has the ability to restore it. All programs are supported All data formats are supported Support for multiple languages  Ability to view the content Duplication of data input fast

And not only Multi Clipboard Recorder displays all of the clipboard’s data into a list, but you can also sort the data manually by creating new categories and dragging and dropping the clipboard’s data between category. If you want a particular data to be stored in a particular category, select the category first and then make the copy. One thing to notice, that is pretty handy, is that when the tool is open it stays on top of all windows for easy access. As a personal note, I would like to see an option in the command menu (right-click menu) to make even easier to paste data you want. And I also would like to see an option to minimize the application in the system tray instead that in the task bar. Overall this free tool is great and definitely a feature that should have been in Windows a long time. 

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