According to a new article that highlights the future of the personal assistant, Microsoft explains that its digital assistant already works well to help users to set reminders, ask questions, and other nifty things. The company also said that Cortana will slowly start to replace common searches, like when looking for a particular file on OneDrive or in your local hard drive. Cortana can also help users to control music playback. For example, if you ask Cortana to play a Bon Jovi’s song, she will look into your music catalog and if you own the song, she will play it. However, the future that Microsoft is planning takes playing music one step further. The Group Program Manager for Cortana and Search on the Windows PC, Phone and Tablet Group, Marcus Ash, says: “We’re looking forward to helping people achieve productivity in communal scenarios. […] For example, you may have several PCs at home, and you’re all sharing and storing music with each other. We want Cortana to help you easily find the music you want and play it from any of the devices throughout your home, across PCs, phones, tablets and speakers, in a group setting.” While Microsoft didn’t mention how it will deploy such feature, the company said that more information will be available soon. This is not the first time that Microsoft mentions changes in the music space. Recently the company said to be working on adding support to OneDrive to allow users to store music files. Therefore, users can make changes on their playlists or music collection and those changes will roam among devices. However, Cortana accessing music from other devices and from different users around the house takes music sharing to the next level. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that users will be able to freely share their music collection with other users around the world or like a peer-to-peer sharing network. It’s more like in the range of family sharing, similar to how users can share Xbox One in the console with other users.

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