If you are a Google+ user now you can customize, filter emails and contacts by circles inside of Gmail, and contact information will now also update automatically when it changes.

The new Gmail improvements are:

If you receive an email from someone who is in Google+, the last post that the person has shared with you will appear in the right-hand side of the email. If the individual is not on your circle a new option will be available to add them.

Your circles now become powerful time saver filters. For example, if someone sent an invitation but you cannot remember who, you can use your circles to filter out and quickly find out who send it.

Being honest, most of us have a messy contact list and outdated — So Google’s approach is that if you have contacts that have a Google profile, the information on your contact list will get updated automatically as people change it. Including email address, phone numbers, and other type of info.

A really neat new feature in Gmail is sharing from the inbox — Before, you either have to forward the email that had the image that you wanted to share or you needed to download and re-upload the image and then share it. That is a thing of the past. Now users will be able to share an image attachment with one-click without leaving Gmail — Just note that the image you choose to share will be uploaded to Google+ photos, but it is only viewable to the circles you have chosen to share with.

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