However, the question still remains, if Microsoft will introduce the new Surface model as a replacement of its Surface Pro 2 or if it’s a new separate member to the tablet family, like Surface mini is expected to be. Whatever it is, it’s clear that the company is gearing up to go all in. According to Paul Thurrott report, it’ll be a larger Surface, thinner as the Surface 2 and possible smaller bezel to fit a 13-, 12-, or 12.5-inch display. Why a bigger screen? It’s simple. A “Pro” device should be a device that is just right for anything a professional needs to do, and the current 10.1-inch Surface Pro 2 is too small to be a laptop replacement. Don’t get me wrong, the second generation of the tablet is great, the hardware is acceptable and Windows 8.1 works wonders, but everything is a bit cramped in that display, it’s thick and a bit in the heavy side. So something that can bridge between a tablet, Ultrabook, and laptop is needed, and this new Surface Pro seems to be the answer. We also know a bit more such as other tech specs, which could include: Fourth generation Intel Core Haswell processor, and choices and pricing that could range as follow: 

i3-4GB RAM-64GB – $799  i5-4GB RAM-128GB – $999  i5-8GB RAM-256GB – $1299  i7-8GB RAM-256GB – $1549  i7-8GB RAM-512GB – $1949 

New covers will be introduced, which are expected to come in Purple, Cyan, and Red. But I would also like to see a cover that also works as docking to transform the tablet into an Ultrabook (opinion).  An, of course, because it’ll be using a 4th-gen Intel processor, it means that the new Surface Pro will run Windows 8.1, the full-blown edition, and not Windows RT.  We are getting close to have all our questions answered by Microsoft, but if all these rumors are accurate, the Surface event in New York City, which Pureinfotech will be covering, should be quite interesting. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.