The good news here is that the software giant also promised that there will be more file format support on Xbox One than in Xbox 360. The company didn’t specify when exactly will be releasing the Media Player app, but we know for sure is coming in the next couple of months. Now Xbox One owners will finally be able to play those MKV and AVI files that they have been piling up in external hard drives. However, at first users will able to only play the new file types from a USB, DLNA support will be added later on, and MKV support is expected to arrive by the end of the year. The following are the Xbox One supported formats for videos, music, and photos:

3gp audio 3gp video 3gp2 aac adts animated gif asf avi divx avi dv avi uncompressed avi xvid bmp jpg gif h264 avchd mjpeg mkv mov mp3 mpeg 1 ps mpeg 2 mpeg 2 hd mpeg 2 ts mpeg 4 h264 aac mpeg 4 sp png tiff wav wma wma lossless wma pro wma voice wmv wmv hd

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