After many years Microsoft decided that in Windows 7 some of the native applications, like Wordpad and Paint, needed a face lift. Then the software maker revamped the user interface (UI) for those Windows applications to the Ribbon UI that you now are used to see in Microsoft Office, but what about the good old Notepad? This text editor still looks as it did 15 years, so if you want Notepad to match the other Windows applications with the Ribbon style UI, you should try Notepad 7. Notepad 7 is a text editor, just like Microsoft Notepad, but with the Microsoft Office, Wordpad, and Paint look and feel. The functionality remains, the only thing that changes is the appearance. This text editor comes in a zip file with .msi and .exe installation files, using either one will install Notepad 7.

Make Notepad 7 your default text editor

  1. To always open text files with this Windows application, simple right-click a text file, select Open With, and click Choose default software.
  2. Now simply click the Browse button and if you are using Windows 7 x86, in the address bar type the following: If you are using Windows 7 x64, in the address bar type the following: Double-click Notepad7.exe and click OK — Make sure that Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is selected. That’s it!

Download and install Notepad 7

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