Since the announcement, the company has received over 175,000 invite requests and over 1 million people landed the website, and today Microsoft is removing the invitation requirement, so anyone can try Sway. All you need is a Microsoft account to start using the service.

If you want to join the preview of Sway, keep in mind that the service still a work in progress and things may not work the way you hope. On the latest update, Microsoft is pushing to Sway the following improvements:

Undo and redo: According to the company, this was the most requested feature. Bullets and numbering: In the latest update option for Bullets and Numbers appear in the Sway text toolbar. Text editing: Before you couldn’t edit paragraphs on Canvas, now you can. Reordering sections: You can now easily drag and drop sections in the order you want. PDF import:  Now you can import PDF files with text and photos. Color picker: The color picker in Sway received new improvements. While Sway will automatically pick a color scheme for you, based on the content. Now you can change colors by choosing a color scheme based on a specific image or color palettes that Sway will offer. Sway for iPhone now available in Australia: Starting now, users in Australia and New Zealand can download the update app with offline support and support for editing background images tiles and section headers, and updated design support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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