As for the Facebook app design goes, if you know how to move around, you already know how to get to your News Feed, send messages, post updates, find friends, and view notifications. The social network app is divided in three sections: on the left you have your sidebar which let you access the News Feed, Messages, Events, Photos, Groups, and pages you may be managing. On the right you can quickly view your top friends, chat and group conversation. And on the center, of course, is your Timeline with your cover photo, and pretty much everything you would expect from Here are some key differences from the web version of the social network, you can get access to photos and albums with a single click in true full-screen mode, not just an overlay on top of your profile, and you can pinch to zoom if you’re using a tablet. And of course, you can like a photo and leave comments — All without ads. Another noticeable differences is that the social app pre-loads your profile on launch, which makes the experience fast and fluid. Also since the official release the company has come out with new updates often, and the latest update now includes a new “Notification Settings” center, where you can set all kinds of notifications (e.g., messages, wall, poke, friend requests, photo comments, event invites, and many more.) you want to be alerted using the app.

As you would expect with every Windows 8.1 app, you can also snap Facebook alongside other apps. One thing I’m not too happy about is on the Facebook settings sections, you’ll notice that trying to get access to your account settings will redirect you to your Account Settings or Privacy Settings from Finally, another thing I found is that you can’t copy and paste text from other Facebook posts, not a big deal, but sometimes I like to quote someone one and this is something I can do in using your default web browser. Overall the Facebook app works great on Windows 8.1, and users seem to be getting along well, as the apps has become one of most downloaded app in the Windows Store. Remember that you can only install this app from the Windows Store if you are running the latest version of the operating system. If you’re not, check out the previous guide to move from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.


Category: Social Languages: English (USA) Age Rating: 12+ Permission: pictures and videos library, location, webcam, microphone, internet connection. Price: Free Publisher: Facebook, Inc. Download: Get it from the Windows Store

Supported architectures

x86/x64 (Windows 8.1) ARM (Windows RT 8.1)

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