If you have a commercial account and the installation of Office is in the Beta Channel, you will now find a “Try the new Outlook” toggle switch in the top-right corner to switch to the new version. The new application is available for the desktop version of Windows 11 and 10, and it looks identical to the web version of Outlook but with some new features. For example, this email client includes a single view for email, calendar, and tasks. It features a new calendar board and support for Microsoft Loop. Also, the app makes it easier to attach files that are available from the cloud using “@” mentions (@filename). Furthermore, there is a new message reminder feature to help you remember to respond to an email that may be important. You can drag and drop emails to the “My Day” list to track emails and activities you may need to get done during the day. Elsewhere, you will also find an option to pin emails, new automated policies, and more. While the new experience offers a familiar interface with new capabilities, some essential features are still missing. For instance, this version of One Outlook does not support offline mode, and you cannot add multiple accounts from other services like Gmail, iCloud, or other services using IMAP. However, they are under development, and other features like Outlook data (.pst) and Folder reordering are part of the roadmap. The One Outlook development has been planned as a new solution with one codebase that runs on Windows 11 and 10, web, and macOS. It’s still unclear if this new version of Outlook will only replace the desktop version of the app for the Office suite or if it will eventually also replace the default Mail app on Windows 11 with limited functionalities. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.