Alright, lets start with the screen capture tour! Here is what is new in Opera 11 Tab stacking Fit more tabs that you can count! Now you can just grab a tab in top of another and combine them into “Tab stacking”, and when you hover with the mouse, you can reveal all the tabs that has been combined.

    Plus you can also click the small arrow and expand out or pile back the tab group. To take a tab out of the stack, just drag the tab out with the mouse.

  Extensions Extensions are great tools that can enhance your browser experience. Now Opera 11 offers a great variety of extensions that you can easily download and install from Some of them are: LastPass which is a free password manager tool, FastestTube an extension that allows you to download videos from YouTube, and Translate which automatically translates foreign language pages.

Better URL field Now, no more long and non-sense addresses, in Opera 11 the address bar has changed; now address links are user-friendly, safer and make sense.  But in case you need to see it or maybe copy it, you can always view the long address by just clicking with the mouse inside of the bar.

  Visual mouse gestures Opera 11 brings mouse gestures to the browser, now with the flick of the mouse you can perform many common web surfing actions. To learn how to you use the mouse gesture, you need to bring up the guide by holding down the right-click button. Here are a couple mouse gesture examples: You can hold the right-click button and move the mouse down and you will open a new tab, or hold the right-click button and move the mouse left or right to got back or forth between pages.

Visit this YouTube link to learn more about how to use mouse gestures   Here is a video released from Opera showcasing the new version httpv:// These just were the highlights, there are tons of new stuff that you can check out at To wrap up this Opera 11 tour, I would like to say that this new web browser looks elegant and feel really solid, there are some great features, pretty good extensions, and like I said at the beginning of the article, the installation was pretty quick and the download was fast as well. Last, it seems that Opera 11 is going to do good because in its first day there were about 6.7 million downloads!   Useful Links

Download Opera 11 Download Extensions Explorer all Opera 11 features

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