The app provides a vast of information for each element in a new elegant and interactive way. You will be able to get access to the chemical and physical information, detailed images and links to more resources about each element as you would expect. Besides it will help with specific info such as: Electron configuration, atomic weight, oxidation states, melting and boiling point, etc.   — Heck! You can even pin elements to the Start screen. Furthermore, the periodic table is well organized and color coded to group the different elements: Alkaline, non metal, halogen, noble gas and others. Once you install the app, simply click the element and you’ll be taken to its corresponding page, there you’ll find the complete set of information in a clean and easy to understand table. Moving the mouse to the left or right side of the screen will display the previous and next arrow to navigate elements. To go back to the table, simply click the back arrow button in the top-left corner of the screen. So far this is the best app to study the periodic table I have came across, since it’s metro styled, rich on information, and the table with a background image showcasing the element looks pretty awesome.


Languages: English (USA) Permission: This app can access the Internet Publisher: Revolution Software Age rating: 12+ Price: Free Download: Get it from the Windows Store

Supported architectures

x86/x64 (Windows 8) ARM (Windows RT)

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