Today I have picked 7 different themes, 7 wallpapers and 7 gadgets, which I think are worth to check it out:


7.  Bing Dynamic: If you have ever been in, you have seen that they use a different image every day for the Bing’s home page. The Bing Dynamic theme has the ability to sync with those images and display them as wallpapers in your desktop automatically. To download this theme follow this link!

  6. 26 Creative: Comes with 4 wallpapers. Direct Download Link

  5.  China: Comes with 6 wallpapers. Direct Download Link

  4.  Dogs in Winter: Comes with 10 wallpapers. Direct Download Link

  3.  NASA Spacescapes: Come with 14 wallpapers. Direct Download Link

  2. Imagination: Comes with 6 wallpapers. Direct Download Link

  1.  Lugares Coloridos: Comes with 8 wallpapers. Direct Download Link

  There are many more that you can choose from, all the themes comes with variety of wallpapers and sound schemes suited to the theme category.

To find more great Windows 7 Themes follow this link!

If you would like to create your own Windows 7 themes check Step by step creating and sharing Windows 7 Themes article.

Desktop backgrounds (Wallpapers)

7.  Bengal Tiger

6.  Puppy with a leaf

5.  Grasmere Village (England, U.K.)

4.  Niers River (Germany)

3.  Vineyards (Germany)

2.  College of Fine Arts (Dresden, Germany)

1.  Arches National Park (Utah, U.S.)

To download these and find more great wallpapers follow this link!


The first 5 gadgets are pre-installed in Windows 7, just right-click anywhere in Windows desktop and select Gadgets.

7.  CPU Meter

6.  Weather

5.  Windows Media Center: for more information about Windows 7 Media Center check out Introduction to Windows 7 Media Center article.

4.  Calendar

3.  Magic 8-Ball: To download Magic 8-ball follow this link!

2.  Skinnable iPhone battery gadget with 6 skins: To download iBattery follow this link!

1.  Presto’s clock: To download Presto’s clock follow this link!

To find more great gadgets follow this link! You should check often Microsoft Personalization Gallery website for new themes, wallpapers, gadgets and more.   All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.