There are many scenarios where you’ll find this pretty useful. For example, you visit  certain websites every now and then, and you just want to keep that a secret or you are doing a research for a very special present and you don’t want the other person to know. Secure Bookmarks is a great solution and it’s not difficult to use. Once you install the extension, just click the badge button (because this is the first time, you’ll be redirected to the setting’s page to create a new master password), and the link gets added immediately. Some customization can also be added, such as, you can click the pen icon and edit the name of the link, the (X) icon is to delete, and the up-and-down arrows is to prioritize the order of each bookmark. All your private favorite links are isolated from the regular bookmarks folder and to keep those links hidden when you move away from the computer, simply click the Sign off icon on the extension.

Download Secure Bookmarks from the Chrome Web Store.

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