Similar to the experience on your car, SiriusXM on Windows 10 brings high-quality radio streaming — significantly better than AM or FM signals. The SiriusXM app is free to download, but like any other service, if you want quality radio you’ll have to pay $15.99 for a month subscription. However, you can get a free month trial by just creating an account within the app. Of course, you can always use SiriusXM on the web, but why would you compromise battery life and your computer’s performance using a player based on Adobe Flash? It’s not an ideal solution.

SiriusXM app features for Windows 10 users

With the SiriusXM app for Windows 10 you can:

Listen to commercial-free music, exclusive sports, talk, comedy, and entertainment radio shows. Access hundreds of On Demand shows and custom mix SiriusXM music and comedy channels. Create custom music and comedy channels. Easily find channels, shows, and episodes. Personalized recommendations to help you find relevant content. Social media integration. And yes, you can listen Howard Stern live or on demand.

App design

The app is very straightforward, the play controls are located at the top of the app, and there is a rail menu on the left. From the menu you can get access to:

Search: Type anything from a name of channel, keyword, host, to an episode name to find what you want quickly. Channels: Expanding Channels, you can get access to all the available channels and on demand programing. Categories include, Music, Sports, Howard Stern, News & Issues, Talk & Entertainment, and More. Recent: As you listen different stations and programing the most recently played items will appear in this section. Me: This section includes everything about your account, where you can control your notifications, custom channels, settings, and much more. Favorites: Instead of doing a search for the same show over and over, you can pin your favorite items here for quick access.

In the era of online music and video streaming, radio still alive with the SiriusXM. The app for Windows 10 is available now from the Windows Store. Remember that you’ll need a subscription, but there is a month trial when you signup — no credit card required.

SiriusXM app for Windows 10 | Download

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