The three new features are well-blend into the email application, there isn’t anything that shouts “Skype”, but you’ll notice that when you access your contacts, in the People’s view, each contact has a set of three new options (as you see in the image above). Now you’ll see four Windows Phone like icons, but only the first three are part of the new Skype update:

IM: Starts the Skype’s chat user-interface and you can immediately start sending text messages (this option works only with other Skype users). Call: Starts the phone user-interface of Skype. You can call to another Skype user or to any landline phone, that is of course, if you have the premium service. Video: Starts Skype video call (this option works only with other Skype users). 

For now these new enhancements are in the beta version of the software, but they will become permanent additions once the stable build is release to everyone. To download and try this features now, use the link below. The software maker is also releasing various other changes into the Skype update such as a simpler way to add contacts, and an new improved profile page to view and update your account information quicker.

To get Skype 6.1 beta for Windows, head over to this Microsoft page

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