Although the Xbox Live network is very reliable, every now and then, you’ll experience the error 0x87DD0019, typically during Thanksgivings, Christmas, New Year, and other major holidays, and when you see this error, you’re likely not to be the only one. When error 0x87DD0019 occurs, it means that there are also thousands of other people unable to sign in or play games because of service disruption because of a problem with Microsoft servers. It could be because of human error, hardware or software problem, or because of outside forces. For example, back in 2014, the Xbox Live service was under a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack initiated by a group of hackers known as Lizard Squad, which overloaded the servers with bogus traffic from multiple sources around the world, crippling the Xbox Live network. Although, there could be other reasons involving the error 0x87DD0019 message, it is pretty much guarantee that the problem is on the Microsoft end, not yours. As such resetting your Xbox One console to the factory defaults or home router, or even deleting your account from the console, may not do any good. The only solution here is to wait for the company to resolve the issue on their end.

The best thing you can do is to get inform first. You are likely to find out what is really going on by checking the Xbox Support official Twitter account and by checking the Xbox support web page. If you are having issues, you can contact support on the Xbox forums, though you are likely to get a faster response if you send a tweet to the official Xbox Support account. Also, remember that a lot of the issues within Xbox can be resolved by powering the console completely off and unplugging the power cable, waiting around five minutes and connecting everything back up. Update, March 21, 2017: It’s not your Xbox One or subscription, it’s actually an authentication problem affecting Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live, and other Microsoft services. The company is aware of the issue, and it’s working to get it fixed. Here’s the statement for the Xbox Support Twitter account:

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) March 21, 2017 Update October 10, 2017: Xbox users are currently having login issues on consoles and on the web, Microsoft is aware of the problem and investigating. Here’s the official state from the Xbox support team in Twitter:

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) October 10, 2017 The company also says that doesn’t have an estimated time of resolution, but you can keep an eye on the Xbox support website. Update December 9, 2017: Xbox users are currently having login issues on consoles, Microsoft is aware of the problem, but it’s not offering a timeframe to resolve the issue.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) December 9, 2017 Update March 1, 2018: Microsoft is aware of this issue, and it’s working to fix it as soon as possible.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) March 1, 2018 Update May 20, 2018: Xbox Live is currently down, affecting signing in on the Xbox One. On Reddit, Microsoft that the “appropriate teams are on it, and we’ll be sure to post back with updates that we receive. Thanks for the reports everyone!” Update July 10, 2018: Microsoft confirms that problem with Xbox Live has now been resolved.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) July 7, 2018 Update August 1, 2018: Microsoft is already aware of the problem preventing Xbox One console from connecting to Xbox Live, and it’s working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) August 1, 2018 Update November 1, 2018: Microsoft is aware of the 0x80a4001a error preventing Xbox One console from connecting to Xbox Live, and it’s working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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