Start8 is a piece of software from Stardock and it is one more way to bring back the Windows Start orb and menu to Windows 8, but with a little twist, because with this application you won’t get the traditional menu, instead you’ll get a smaller version of the new Metro style Start Screen, and for many people, this is going to look like as how the new Start Screen should have been from the beginning. You’ll also get:

Access to the Run and shutdown command with the right-click on orb. Choose a custom Start button image. Show full screen Metro style Start Screen.

Once you download and install Start8, you should see right away the Windows orb back in the Taskbar, when you click the orb, it will show the Apps section of the Windows 8 Start Screen, with the search box in the top-right corner to easily find your apps. Additionally you can scroll through all the installed apps using the scrollbar at the bottom of the menu. If you bring the Charms Bar and click Start, it will also show the smaller version of Apps menu.

Start8 works well on Windows 8 Consumer Preview 32-bit or 64-bit version and it will not disrupt any Windows 8 feature — everything can still be used normally.

Download Start8 for Windows 8

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