Alright, let start creating. Today, we are going to have a little bit of fun; I am going to teach you how to create a new theme in Windows 7, and share it with your family and friends. Tip: If you attended a Wedding, a B-day party, or a Holiday where you took a lot of pictures; one way to share them is in a Windows 7 Theme. 1-  Create a folder in your desktop and name it anything you want;  simple as: “pitbday” 2-  Locate the pictures that you want to share and COPY them to the folder that you just created. 3- Click Start in the search box: “Search programs and files”, then type “personalization”, in the search result under “Control Panel” title, click on “Personalization”. 4- Now, Click “Desktop Background”. See image 1.

Click image to expand. Image1.   5-  In “Picture Location” area, Click on“Browse”; look for the folder that you created in step 1 and Click “OK”. See image 2.

Click image to expand. Image2.   6-  All the pictures in the folder are now available to you. Select one or as many as you want, for this example, I’m going to select all of them. See image 2. 7- At the bottom-left corner of the window you will see four options, choose a “Picture Position”; we have this option because depending of the size of the picture, it might not fill all the screen area. Then, use “Change picture every:” option, to change picture time. If you want you can “Shuffle” your images. Last, make a choice on “when using battery power, pause the slide show to save power”, here I would recommend to check it to save some battery juice (You will see this option if you are in a laptop). Click “Save changes”. See image 2. 8-  Click on “Windows Color” (See image 1); play with these settings until you find the color that fits with your pictures collection and “Save changes”. See image 3.

Click image to expand. Image3.   9-  Next choose a sound theme and screen saver if you wish (See image 4 & 5), Go back to “Personalization ”, in the “My Themes” area, the theme you just created will be named “Unsaved Theme” Right Click on it and select the second option “Save theme for sharing”. See image 5.

Click image to expand. Image4.  

Click image to expand. Image5.

Click image to expand. Image6.   10-  Save the created theme in the location you like (See image 6). Windows 7 will create the theme and it will be named: ‘NameYou’veChosen .themepack’. You can copy your job done to an USB drive, send it via e-mail, or copy it to a CD. Anyone using Windows 7 should be able to install the new theme. 11-  To install the theme is simple; just double click the file ‘NameYou’veChosen .thempack’ and Windows will do the rest. Enjoy! Get more themes from Microsoft website. Or just do a search on the web with the term “Windows 7 Theme Pack”

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