This is very similar to New Tab Page in Google Chrome, but you can customize Super Start almost any way you want. For example, you can: change backgrounds, configure custom bookmark thumbnails, and choose which websites are added to the list. This Firefox add-on also features a simple to-do list on the right-hand side that can be helpful to remember what chores you need do. And you can access to all your bookmarks and recently closed tabs. Also from the add-on option’s you can change to set Super Start as your homepage or to load in a blank tab; from the Display Settings you can change the number of bookmarks that will appear in a new tab and other settings. Options Tab

UI Customize Tab

Adding a new web page to this Firefox add-on is pretty simple, just click the + button and fill the information or when you are navigating a website, right-click on it and select Add to Super Start from the menu. If you are looking to switch from Google Chrome to Firefox or you are just looking to replace SpeedDial, Super Start is an add-on that you should give a try.

Install Super Start

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