You’re still getting a relatively fast premium device that includes an Intel Core i5 and 8GB of memory. However, in order to make the device $300 cheaper, the company had to compromise in storage. While the $1499 includes a 256GB internal storage, the new model ships with a smaller 128GB Solid-State Drive, which means that some people may have to consider getting an external storage drive to store more videos and photos. Also, remember that the Core i5 model is actually from the seventh-generation of the Intel’s processors. If you’re looking for a device with an eighth-generation, you’ll have to consider getting the Core i7 model, which comes with four processing cores instead of two. The new price adjustment is only happening for the 13.5-inch of Surface Book 2, the 15-inch prices will remain unchanged, but they’re continuing to expand to more markets. The announcement comes just after Microsoft also lowered the price of its Surface Laptop, which now includes an entry-model using a slower Intel Core m3 processors that brings down the price to $799, instead of $999.

Surface Book 128GB | See at Microsoft

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