The April 2020 update is available for Windows 10 version 1909 down to version 1809, and according to the company, brings system stability improvements and enhancements for the Microsoft Teams app.

Surface Pro X April 2020 update

The following improvements are available for Surface Pro X:

Qualcomm Adreno  680 GPU: 26.18.0901.8000 improves the Teams app experience. Qualcomm Bluetooth UART Transport Driver: 1.0.830.0 improves BT connection reliability. Qualcomm Bus Device: 1.0.1000.0000 improves system stability. Qualcomm Hexagon  690 DSP: 1.0.1020.1000 improves system stability. Qualcomm Spectra  390 ISP: 1.0.900.0 improves system stability while using the camera. Qualcomm System Manager Device: 1.0.820.0 improves system stability. Qualcomm Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2×2) Svc: 1.0.860.0 improves connection reliability. Surface Camera AVStream Mini Driver: 1.0.900.1 improves system stability while using the camera. Surface Hid Mini Driver: improves system stability. Surface Integration Driver: improves adaptive brightness. Surface Light Sensor: improves adaptive brightness. Surface Radio Monitor: improves connectivity performance in the tablet mode. Surface UEFI: 3.462.140.0 improves system stability.

The update should download and install automatically, but if you have not received it, then you get it from Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and try to force the download manually. The Surface Pro X starts at cost $899.99, and it’s available now at the Microsoft Store.

Surface Pro X | See at Microsoft

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