I dedicated this week to bring you the most interesting gadgets from CES 2013 that we’ll be seen later this year:

Consumer Electronic Show 2013

Tobii, the company that makes eye-tracking technology, unveiled an improved prototype version of its eye-tracking  hardware, which they called “Rex”, and the interesting part is that you’ll be able to navigate Windows 8 with your eyes and keystroke. Intel showed off its fourth-generation Haswell processors and, together with its North Cape reference hybrid computer design, the company is demonstrating what is possible with the new line of CPUs. Lenovo IdeaCenter Horizon: At first look it is a typical 27-inch All-in-One PC that you can use with keyboard and mouse, but it is also called a “table PC”. This is a new concept that Lenovo is trying to do and they call it “phygital”, which is a mix of physical and digital. Microsoft Research team revealed its latest project, IllumiRoom, at CES 2013 in Las Vegas during Samsung’s press conference. IllumiRoom is an awesome poof-of-concept that essentially expands the TV experience to the walls of the living room. Panasonic just announced at CES 2013 Las Vegas, a stunning 4K resolution Windows 8 tablet. This giant 20-inch prototype is running a full version of the latest Microsoft’s operating system, it also features an Intel Core i5 CPU, micro SD and USB slot, and a front-face camera.

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Also this week on tech, Windows RT has successfully been jailbroken to run unsigned (not approved by Microsoft) desktop applications, opening the door for the community to build homebrew applications for ARM-based devices like Microsoft Surface RT. In how-to, learn to upload file to Dropbox using new modern Windows 8 app with this hidden option. All this and much more…

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Tobii Rex brings eye-tracking to Windows 8 and it looks promising Desktop Fun: Caribbean Shores theme for Windows Intel’s North Cape: long-lasting, unique full-HD screen-detaching reference for Haswell chips Skype 6.1 for Windows desktop brings new integration for Outlook Jailbreak tool for Windows RT arrived, now the process is automated Lenovo IdeaCenter Horizon: an All-in-One and table Windows 8-based PC Surface Pro: What to expect from this killer Windows 8 tablet Watch This: Microsoft demos IllumiRoom expanding the TV to the walls of your living room SkyDrive.com improved for better sharing, touch and new HTML5 features Dropbox: The hidden option to upload files using the Windows 8 app Watch This: Amazing Panasonic 4K resolution Windows 8 tablet prototype Windows 95 running in a Surface with Windows RT? VIZIO refreshes its PC lineup with touchscreen and an updated trackpad Windows RT Jailbroken, now it can run unsigned desktop applications [Updated]

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