How to fix Windows 8 activation after clean install using an upgrade media: Apparently there is a workaround that fixes Windows 8 activation problem and makes possible to perform a clean install of Windows 8 using the upgrade media without a previous version of Windows already installed in your PC How to fix Firefox Metro style not launching in Windows 8: Many users are noticing that Firefox Metro for Windows 8 will not start even though after setting the web browser as the default browser. This Windows guide will help you properly test the new Firefox preview. How to restore files in Windows 8 from a Windows 7 Backup: Instead of creating a Windows 7 image, plus a copy of all your important files. This how-to will show you to restore files from the full backup into Windows 8 in a really easy way. Microsoft Store is giving away $100 coupon with PC purchase: Microsoft is offering $100 coupon for those customers who purchase a new Windows 8 PC of $699 or more in value. Promotion valid until February 18, 2013. Surface Pro teardown by iFixit – Repairs are out of the question: The folks at iFixit has taken apart the new Surface Pro and the new device got a rate of 1 out of 10 in repairability. Surface RT: Go from 3 to 4 rows of tiles on the Start screen Free Surface Getting Started Guide now available for download BlueStacks brings 750,000+ Android apps to Surface Pro and Windows 8 Desktop Fun: Bridges panoramic theme for Windows 8/RT [Dual-Monitor]

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