Microsoft Patch Tuesday for January includes eight security updates; one patch for Internet Explorer in Windows 10, fix for the security vulnerability published by Google, and as part of the update roll out, all three Surface Pro received a new firmware update, Surface Pro 3 took the biggest update package. The software giant also rolls out a new update for the Microsoft Health app and new firmware for the Microsoft Band, which adds new Guided Workouts to the already large list of selections through the Health app. The company also promise a web version of the Microsoft Health app in the coming weeks. Xbox One system update details came out this week and on February Xbox owner can expect transparent tiles on the dashboard, live TV improvements, and new Game hubs. Next week, more precisely, on January 21, Microsoft is expected to hold a press event in Redmond Washington, to highlight the new consumer features for Windows 10 and now we know the company will demo for the first time the new version of Windows 10 for mobile devices. If you’re curious, the company will stream live the event and it will be posting videos following the announcement. The software maker may also show Spartan during the event, but this is not confirmed, though we know the company is aiming to release the new web browser for all versions of Windows 10 on every platform with Flash support. On January 13, Microsoft officially ended the mainstream support for Windows 7, now the operating system is on its extended support period, which is scheduled to end in January 14 2020. However, regular users will not be affected in any way. This week I also listed the best time when to buy electronics year round, Xbox One goes back to $349, you learned how to prevent Windows Themes from changing your mouse cursor settings and desktop icons, and someone combined the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 creating the PlayBox, something you really have to see. All this and more… Welcome to Pureinfotech: Tech Recap edition. Each weekend I will bring you a compilation of articles of the week, including how-to guides, features, tech news, and more. This is simply a list with a brief description of pieces you might have missed or you might just want to read again.

How to prevent Windows Themes from changing mouse cursor settings Windows 10: List features we may see in the consumer preview The PlayBox combines Xbox One and PlayStation 4 into a single mod console Microsoft pushes January System Firmware Update for all three Surface Pro tablets Microsoft rolls back Xbox One price to $349, this time could be permanently Microsoft Band gets Guided Workouts and Health web app is coming soon Xbox One February update includes transparent tiles, Game hubs, live TV improvements Microsoft to stream live Windows 10 January 21 press event The best time to buy electronics year round Microsoft Patch Tuesday January 2015 includes Windows 10 security update Windows 7 mainstream support officially ended, time to think about Windows 10 Microsoft releasing Spartan web browser on all versions of Windows 10, plus Flash support Microsoft to unveil Windows 10 for phones during event on January 21st Microsoft pans Google for releasing Windows 8.1 security vulnerability details

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