Windows 10 has a new installation process and new out-of-box experience, and a new video show the new interface fully. Microsoft promises more frequent Windows 10 builds releases, but obviously quicker builds means more bugs and a less stable software. In a new how-to guide, you learned how to configure your system to receive Windows 10 builds more quickly. Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10036 also includes an updated Task View, which makes multitasking a lot more productive and easier for users with a new UI and the ability to drag & drop apps between virtual desktops. This week we learned that Microsoft is planning to bring its digital assistant, Cortana, to iOS and Android as a standalone app. If the company keeps on the schedule, this will happen before the end of the year. Apple introduces the MacBook (2015), which is thinner and lighter than anything Apple fans have seen before, though it’s powered by an Intel Core M, so it’ll be interesting how well this machine performs when you can get a great PC, like Surface Pro 3, for less money. Apple also announces pricing, availability, and more details about its Apple Watch, and the company even unveiled an Apple Watch Limited Edition made of 18kt gold with a price tag of $10,000. The computer giant also announced the price reduction for its Apple TV, now anyone can get the streaming device for $69. This week, Google releases the new Chromebook Pixel (2015). It features a stunning display, crazy battery life, and beautiful design, but the $999 price tag makes this laptop the most expensive way to browse the web. The Xbox app for Windows 10 gets updates with a few new improvements. Microsoft pushes its March Patch Tuesday with 14 new updates, Surface Pro 3, and RT firmware. Microsoft introduces the Designer Bluetooth Desktop set that includes a new keyboard and mouse crafted with designers in mind. Xbox One March system update rolls out to everyone with screenshots, transparency options, and spam report. Finally, Microsoft will begin selling its fitness band on hundreds of Best Buy stores in March. All this and more… Welcome to Pureinfotech: Tech Recap edition. Each weekend I will bring you a compilation of articles of the week, including how-to guides, features, tech news, and more. This is simply a list with a brief description of pieces you might have missed or you might just want to read again.

Windows 10 build 10036 ISO leaks and it’s ready for download Windows 10: Hands-on with build 10036, tweaked Start menu, Task View, system tray Windows 10 new installation process shown fully in video Windows 10 has a new out-of-box experience How to get faster Windows 10 builds on your PC and phone Windows 10 Task View gets significant update in newer build Microsoft’s Cortana assistant on the way to iOS and Android Microsoft to deliver new Windows 10 builds more frequently Windows PCs are thinner and better than the MacBook (2015) This is the new Chromebook Pixel (2015), at $999 still crazy expensive Xbox app on Windows 10 picks up significant update Microsoft introduces the Designer Bluetooth Desktop (keyboard & mouse set) Microsoft Patch Tuesday March 2015 includes 14 updates and Surface Pro 3 firmware Why you should not buy Apple’s 2015 MacBook Xbox One March system update rolls out with screenshots, spam report, more tile transparency options Apple March event roundup: Apple Watch, MacBook, and Apple TV Microsoft Band will sell on hundreds of Best Buy stores beginning in March Windows 10 build 10031 screenshots show more of what to expect on upcoming releases

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