This week was also Microsoft Patch Tuesday, the company released 8 updates for a range of products, including a firmware update for Surface Pro in preparation of next week’s Windows 8.1 roll out. Also Google is apparently gear up a new version of Chrome that includes parts of the Chrome OS built right in Windows 8. I have the review and the opinion on the topic, check it out. Finally, the software giant released a new Windows 7 SP1 update to help users free up more space in their hard drives by deleting old updates files. All this and more… Welcome to Pureinfotech: Tech Recap edition. Each weekend I will bring you a compilation of articles of the week, including how-to guides, features, tech news, and more. This is simply a list with a brief description of pieces you might have missed or you might just want to read again.

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Road to Windows 8.1

If you have been following all my coverage of Windows 8.1, you probably already know that Microsoft will finally roll out the Windows 8.1 update next week, to be more exact next Friday, October 18th, 2013. And this is the best time to start getting ready for such an important update that no one should ignore. Windows 8.1, formerly known as Windows Blue, brings stability to the OS, hundreds of tweaks, and a handful of new features. Here is a list of useful articles with guides and information that will help you to get ready for a smooth transition:

How to update to Windows 8.1 final from any OS version covering all the basics Windows 8.1 pricing, only full versions starting at $119.99, no more upgrades In-depth Windows 8.1 demo: all features, apps, and devices (video) Microsoft’s Compatibility Center updated for Windows 8.1 Apps and services bundled in Windows 8.1, Skype is also included System Image Backup returns to Windows 8.1 How to create a Windows 8 system image or full backup (step-by-step)

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