Also Windows RT 8.1 brings USB Ethernet adapter support to Surface and other tablets. But here is the catch, most users will have to manually install the drivers before the Ethernet adapter can work properly. (I also want to point out that Microsoft has quietly removed the note from the Surface website saying that the adapter works in Surface RT. As such you can make it work, but it’s not supported by the company.) If you’re still planning to move to Windows 8.1, this week I published a few helpful articles to choose a compatible antivirus, how to remove Microsoft targeted ads using Bing Smart Search, and how to remove the secure boot watermark in tablets and UEFI-based PCs. Finally we looked into the new version of Google Glass and I showed to get your Google+ custom URL for your profile or page. All this and more… Here is all you might have missed: Welcome to Pureinfotech: Tech Recap edition. Each weekend I will bring you a compilation of articles of the week, including how-to guides, features, tech news, and more. This is simply a list with a brief description of pieces you might have missed or you might just want to read again.

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