Also in this week more useful Windows 8 How-To’s: Learn to protect your files with encryption when using the Storage Spaces feature, and how to avoid getting charged more money from downloading unnecessary data from your mobile Internet access plan. And don’t forget to download and try the new version of Firefox Austrails with a new interesting user interface. All this and more…

Here is all of what you might have missed:

The first Firefox Austrails build is out for download and test [Windows only] Desktop Fun: Best of Bing – China 2 theme for Windows 7 Change web pages color scheme for better reading with High Contrast in Chrome Prevent extra data usage by disabling device updates in Windows 8 How to set your own background image in Gmail Watch Microsoft’s Surface tablet unveiling event in Los Angeles [Video] Surface, the Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft unveiled: Specs, images and video How to encrypt files in Storage Spaces with BitLocker

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