After a lot of complaints from its users, Facebook has added a button to hide the sidebar, but it can be a little tricky if later you want to bring it back; check out the article to learn more. Continuing with Mozilla’s fast release cycle, now Firefox 6 Beta 5 is ready for download on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. But there’s still some work to be done; read the article to know about the known issues and if it is safe to install it at this time. This week in Microsoft we have some great things. If you ever wanted to know how the Cloud works, this video tour of Microsoft’s giant data centers is a must watch. Also I published a couple of articles with videos where you can watch how Microsoft created the Windows 7 Startup Animation that you see every time the computer boots, and how they came up with the iconic Windows 7’s default wallpaper and what could have been other alternatives. All this and more…

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Google+ Games is being rolled out to its users Quick Tip: How to hide Facebook sidebar Download free Captain America theme for Windows 7 Google Chrome 14 Beta ready for download with many improvements Meet the Cloud. Take a tour of Microsoft’s giant data centers [Video Tour] Watch how Microsoft designed the iconic Windows 7 default background image [Video] See how Microsoft created the Windows 7 Startup Animation [Video] How to use Windows Easy Transfer over the network in Windows 7 Trick: How to use the iPad version of Gmail in Google Chrome Download Firefox 6 Beta 5 and learn what is new in this latest release

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