This week the Google +1 button has been upgraded with a couple new features that are really useful, and they are going to benefit users and publisher alike. Microsoft had a several announcements as well regarding the next operating system, Windows 8. The software giant has officially revealed that Windows 8 will be fully compatible with USB 3.0 with a new software stack, and not just with an update to the old software that was being updated since Windows 95 R2. Also there is a new video (#3) where the company is demonstrating parts of the new Windows 8 user interface, this time for the file management — look closely to the video and you will notice that the iconic Windows Start button. The new button appears to be more flat with pastel colors, reflecting the new Metro design. And in Pureinfotech — How-To section, you’ve learned how to create a VPN  using Windows 7 built-in tool — not extra software required –, and how to configure Port Forwarding on a router that is going to come in handy when setting up your VPN server. All this and more…

Here is what you may have missed:

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