And in other articles we have a great collection of winter Windows 7 theme collection; on software we reviewed TCPEye, a great free network tool that monitors and alerts you about programs accessing the internet, and finally if you need to find or change Windows or Office product keys, Enchanted Keyfinder is the utility you were looking for. Here is what you might have missed: Windows 7 Themes

Desktop fun: Best winter Windows 7 themes collection

Tech News

Google has released Chrome version 9 stable Microsoft has made available a Google Chrome add-on to enable H.264 HTML5 video


TCPEye: Free network tool to view which programs are accessing the internet Enchanted Keyfinder: Find or change Windows or Office product keys

Microsoft Office 2010

How to hide Microsoft Office Ribbon menu How to insert comments in a Microsoft Word 2010 document How to change the default color scheme in Microsoft Office 2010 How to view multiple documents in Microsoft Office 2010 How to save Microsoft Office 2010 documents to SkyDrive How to remove Microsoft Office 2010 document’s hidden or personal information

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