If you are looking a way to increase your web browsing speed experience, then you should try the latest Google Chrome release. Version 17.0.963.26 beta-m loads web pages extremely fast and it also comes with improvement to keep users safer online, check out all the details and get the download link — Download Google Chrome 17 Beta, now is more secure and faster than ever!. How about a quicker way to send files to your Dropbox folder? Check out this little tip to be more productive with the Cloud storage service — How to speed up file copy to Dropbox in Windows 7. Facebook Timeline is here to stay, there is not a way around it by now, this message is getting clear to users, but it seems that scammers are taking advantage of it by tricking less tech-savvy users; be proactive and smart, don’t fall for these traps, check out this article and warn your family and friends — You’re stuck with Facebook Timeline for eternity, there isn’t a way out regardless… Windows 8 beta is getting closer to be released, and it’s more than likely for this to happen before March. We already have seen a lot of cool features from the upcoming operating system, now the software maker showed off 2 new really useful features that will help users get back up and running in almost no time, read all about them (this is a must read) — Microsoft details Windows 8 Refresh and Reset your PC features.

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