If you don’t like to open every website that you pinned in the Start Screen, you should try this: How to open Windows 8 pinned website tiles on the desktop Internet Explorer [Bonus]. How much do you know about the new Task Manager in Windows 8? Software is only useful as long as you have the knowledge on how to take advantage of it — How to master the new Task Manager in Windows 8. Also if you don’t like to be interrupted by notifications, you should read this article: How to disable Windows 8 toaster notification. To learn more about Windows 8, visit Pureinfotech: Windows 8 section. Which is more descriptive for you, small images or text? If it is text, you might have noticed that Google has changed the toolbar text labels with icons images, in case you want the text back, here is how you do it —  How to change Gmail icon’s toolbar back to text buttons.

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