In Microsoft news this week, the software giant revealed all the work they have been doing for the up coming version of their operating system, and this time they gave us a glimpse on how Windows 8 installation is going to be a lot easier and a lot painless than in previous versions. Check out the article to read all the details: Windows 8 installation will be smoother, faster and simpler than Windows 7. Skype users should be happy to know that you can now connect with your Facebook friends seamlessly via video or text, starting in the latest beta version of Skype. Visit the article to learn more about it — Skype users now can connect with users using Facebook Video Calling Thanksgiving is now in the past. Are you getting ready for all the gifts and the tasty food that are part of Christmas time? As part of the preparation for these holidays, we have a great new set of Christmas wallpapers to help add some color and decoration to your computer desktop. All wallpaper are high-resolution and best of all, they are free — Download 21 colorful and fun Christmas wallpapers for your desktop computer. 

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