For all the fans out there, Google has moved Chrome 16 to the beta channel and the web browser now adds the ability to create users profiles. This is a great new feature that makes more flexible for users to share the computer with other people, and also adds a better sync integration through all the devices where you use Google Chrome — Download Google Chrome 16 beta and try “Users” the best feature yet! If you are using Google Chrome 15 there are two great features that are hidden and you should be using — Google Chrome: Open Tabs and Search Engines syncing are now supported. Also this week the giant of search has updated Gmail one more time and now users can better customize and be more productive — Google releases Gmail new look, yet again! [Video]. In Windows How-To continuing with the tutorial series, How to install Windows 7, this time you learned how to perform a clean installation and all is explained step by step — I hope this is useful for many of you to avoid many issues that can occur during the process — How to install Windows 7 – Clean installation tutorial [Step-by-Step], and you also learned How to identify an “Unknown device” in Windows to find the correct driver [Step-by-Step], something that sometimes can be really frustrating.

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