This week, Facebook one more time made it to the top of the news, when many users started realizing that the social network giant is keeping track of everyone that uses the service, even when they are signed out of their profile. This raised the privacy concern of a lot of users — check out the story to know everything on detail and learn how to protect yourself with simple methods. In web browser news, Mozilla has released Firefox 7 and this new version brings a much waited memory improvement and also speed boost. But… The release didn’t go as planned as the company hoped, right after users started downloading this latest build of the software, many users started seeing some add-ons disappeared. This was a bug that Mozilla fixed right away and in less than 24 hours we saw the release of Firefox 7.0.1 that fixes the problem — check out the articles to learn more and grab the download link. In Windows 8, this week you learned the step-by-step process to how to create a Windows To Go USB drive to run a full installation of Windows 8, this being from a flash drive or from an external USB hard drive. In troubleshooting Windows, you learned how to fix tile apps when they won’t open — and you won’t believe how simple it is –, and finally for Windows 8 we looked at how Windows 8 is going to integrate in to the Cloud with Windows Live services. All this and more.

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