This week we said happy birthday to Windows XP, the good old Microsoft’s operating system turned 10 years old and in celebration I published an article that talks about how technology changed in the past decade, plus a little bit of history of XP. Also the article includes a great Windows XP infographic released by Microsoft — Windows XP turns 10 years old today – Happy birthday! [Infographic]. In Windows 8 we looked at BluePoison. This is a great application that unlocks several Windows 8 hidden features. Diffidently a must if you are the kind of user that enjoys taking control of an operating system — Windows 8 BluePoison: Unlock Windows 8 hidden features [Download]. This week Microsoft released Office 2007 Service Pack 3, this latest update adds system reliability, security, program compatibility, and more. Check the article to learn about the changes and grab the link — Office 2007 Service Pack 3 (SP3) available for download now. Last, but not least, you should check out Trick or Treat theme for Windows 7. This a great collection of Halloween wallpapers that will add the spooky factor to your desktop — Desktop Halloween: Trick or Treat theme for Windows 7.

All this and more:

How the future may look like according to Microsoft [Video] Download Tropical Fish theme for Windows 7 Google releases Google Chrome 15 and a new redesigned Chrome Web Store Empty Windows Recycle Bins for all users with a simple command What is new in Google Docs: Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Android and Site

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