In Windows How-To, learn how to virtualize your storage in Windows 8 for scale and protection with Storage Spaces. Enable the “Hibernate” option in the Power menu for faster access to the feature and save battery in your laptop. Install the new Windows 8 cursor scheme in Windows 7. And download Firefox 13, now with a new homepage and SPDY enabled by default. All this and more…

Here is all of what you might have missed:

Windows 8 Video And Audio File Format Native Support List Microsoft SmartGlass on Windows 8, IE10 for Xbox 360 And Windows Phone Hands-on [Video] Desktop Fun: Dual Monitor Nightfall And Starlight Panoramic Theme for Windows 8 Chrome in Metro Style for Windows 8 Soon to be Available How to Create Storage Spaces in Windows 8 [Step-by-Step] How to Enable ‘Hibernate’ Option in the Power Menu on Windows 8 How to Get Windows 8 Mouse Cursor Scheme in Windows 7 Firefox 13 Available for Download Now Ahead of Schedule How to Set Up Multiple Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail Metro Style App

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