One of the things you’ll notice using a Windows To Go drive is that by default you don’t have access to the Windows Store. Well, a simple configuration tweak can change that — check out how to activate the Store in the mobile version of the operating system. All type of storage media may be designed in a certain way, but they all enables us to do the same thing: Store data. However, they all share the same issue, they all eventually fail. To avoid data lost is always a good idea to backup — This week learn how to make a 1:1 backup of a USB drive by creating an image with USB Image Tool. Firefox 15 has been released with some major updates include: Silent update, compressed textures and fix on memory leak. All this and more.

Here is all of what you might have missed:

Desktop Fun: Light and Dark theme for Windows Bring the Start menu to Windows 8 with the new Start8 beta Firefox 15 brings: Silent updates, memory leak fix and compressed textures [Download] Desktop Fun: Download Microsoft Surface inspired ad wallpaper How to create an image from a USB drive with ‘USB Image Tool’ [Download] How to take screenshots and save them automatically in Windows 8 [Tip] How to enable the Windows Store in a Windows To Go workspaces

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How to bring back the Desktop tile to the Start screen in Windows 8

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