By now you may also already know that Windows 8 doesn’t include Media Center, however Microsoft wants to make it right for users and it is making Media Center available for free for a limited time. Read the article to get all the details on how to get it. In the case you are planning to upgrade to the latest Microsoft’s OS, you first want to check if your peripherals are compatible, and we got the resources you need to carry out this task. Also this week I reviewed many great Windows 8 apps that you can start using right-now: Skype, Google Search, Hulu and Pandora Windows. All this and more…

Here is all of what you might have missed:

Watch the Windows 8 and Surface launch event from New York City Get Media Center for free when you install Windows 8 Pro – Limited time offer Watch live the Windows 8 launch event tomorrow, October 25 from New York City Check which peripherals are compatible with Windows RT and Windows 8 Windows 8 international ad campaign officially kicked-off with four new videos Skype’s Windows 8 app available for download on Friday Windows 8 Google Search app available for download in the Windows Store Hulu Plus Windows 8 app is now available for download Enjoy free music streaming with Pandora Windows for Windows 8 [Unofficial app] Surface with Windows RT teardown [Image Gallery]

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